sparkle ‘n fizz: i quit my job!

You didn’t see this coming five years ago. Back then, any job that had benefits and allowed you to pay your student loans was a dream job. Beyond that, you didn’t know what you wanted.


To help people.

To help people is what you wanted.

You got jobs. Jobs that, in theory, helped people. Finding jobs was easy for you, despite your belief that it would be hard and that you needed to settle for what was offered.

As you nested into the world of nine to five, you sometimes felt like you were pretty awful at what you did. You were never truly awful at it, though. In fact, you were pretty good.

Still, it didn’t feel natural. And that one job just wasn’t right for you. Maybe for somebody else, who doesn’t care about aesthetics and comfort. Someone who feeds on a quick pace and likes a bit of combat in the day-to-day. But for you, who needs light, nature, regularity, gentleness, and uninterrupted time to think? It was simply not for you.

By the time you had the courage to claim the fact that you deserved an environment that would support your sensitive self, you had stumbled upon the beginnings of a plan. After working in offices for three years, you had a suspicion that you could create a job that would still feed you and pay those student loans, but that would also nourish you and use your skills.

You started coaching school, not knowing where it would go.

To pay for coaching school, you started taking photographs of people. You realized, to your surprise, that you loved this even more than you’d expected, and that your clients loved it more still.

In the meantime, you found a job that was similar to the last nine to five, but gentler. Quieter. Better benefits. Fewer hours. Fewer last-minute freak-outs. An environment where you really felt recognized for your good work, even though, by now, you knew this wasn’t your calling.

After that, you started to get an inkling of the trajectory down which you were headed. You were nine to five-ing it and saving as much as you could during the day. At night and on the weekends, you were in coaching school and taking photos. And after a couple years, you finished coaching school and could welcome in more clients.

During this period, you felt a lot of doubt about whether you could really do this. You received happy jolts of yes after coaching calls and when you shared your learnings. But doubt would always return. You met it with a surprising amount of compassion. You requested regular reassurance from the people who believed in you: your best friends, your wife, your mom. The cherished group of fellow business owners whom you met up with each month. You studied and read and practiced, and you got better at differentiating between thoughts and reality.

Finally (and kind of suddenly), it became clear that it was time. Time to be a full-time empowerment coach and photographer. Time to devote yourself to your craft and take the risks. Time to fully embody faith.

And so you gave your notice, two weeks ago. You said, “My last day will be August 10th.”
And the first day of full-time Effervescence?
That’ll be August 13th.
From here on out, you’re an adventurer.
From here on out, you’re an explorer.

Your effervescent self and your present self (who has lots of effervescence in her, too) are on a collision course. When they meet, there’ll be fizz and sparkle. You have no idea what they’ll look like, or when and where the darkness and light will come. But you know there will be fizz. You know there will be sparkle.

Because now you have faith.

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