fun friday: stalking texture

Because fun sometimes takes a little practice to get into, and what better day to practice than a Friday?

Today I wanted to share some of my texture-stalking escapades.

Like any creative person (or, really, any person at all), I get into ruts with my craft. I use the same ten words over and over again, and I get used to taking the same sorts of photos.

And maybe it’s because I’ve been doing a bit more shiva nata lately, but I’m feeling conscious of my patterns. I’m aware that I can intentionally work to change them if I want to.

So I gave myself a photo assignment: stalk some texture. Pay attention to it, try to capture it, follow it in order to break out of the paths my brain knows well.

Texture definitely did its job and led me to take photographs I wouldn’t usually take. For one thing, I don’t usually consider Midtown Manhattan a prime photo-taking spot (most of these photos are from there).

In my newness to texture as a subject, I also took lots of photos that I didn’t completely love. But I was fine with that. In exploration, it feels much more important to me to look at things differently than to come away with a “polished” final product.

If I always insisted on having something “polished” before sharing it, not much would ever see the light of day.

And I feel like everybody’s bold experiments deserve to see the light of day.

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