introducing: a day of nothing

Last week, I announced a new thing to my self-love letters people: A Day of Nothing. This is an offering that I noticed a need for and have been working on for a few months now, so I’m celebrating at the moment (you’re welcome to cheer along with me!).

In addition to celebrating the birth of A Day of Nothing, I also want to talk about how it came into existence. It was almost a year ago, in January. I was so burnt out. Sooooo burnt out. What’s more important than the fact that I was burnt out, though, is the fact that I had been operating within (or very close to) burnout for many years. I think that’s true of a lot of people in our culture. 

We just expect that we’re supposed to feel exhausted and depleted, and we don’t think to question it. 
As I shared with you at the time, my therapist suggested I take a full weekend to do nothing, and I did. It turned out to be a revolutionary weekend for me.

Had I ever in my life stopped to allow myself to rest, without “earning” it in some way?

No. I don’t think I had.

After that amazingly restorative weekend, I started suggesting hours or Days of Nothing to my friends and family who were depleted. I started assigning Nothing time to coaching clients. Just like me, most of the people I talked about Nothing with had never given themselves intentional non-doing time. Many of them had taken nice vacations or had meditated with the intention of relaxing, but they’d never made time in their normal life to do absolutely Nothing at all.

I started to realize that doing Nothing was actually a whole lot harder for people (including me) than you’d think it would be.

Some people felt overwhelmingly guilty when they did Nothing, and that prevented them from trying it again. Some people intended to take that time for Nothing, but when the time for Nothing came, they had too much work to do, and Nothing didn’t get to happen. Some people thought a Day of Nothing sounded nice, but they just couldn’t wrap their heads around how to actually prepare and implement one for themselves.

And so that’s why I decided to create A Day of Nothing: to give structure and support to folks who really, really want to do Nothing within a safe container. 

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