we are very small. and it’s okay to feel frightened.

As I write, a hurricane is descending upon New York City. She’s provided ample comedic fodder for the millions of restless Tweeters and Facebookers who, like me, have been indoors, relatively secure, today.

When the wind blows and hardy trees crackle-break like toothpicks, we receive a minuscule taste of how truly teeny-tiny we are in the scope of infinite time and space.

When that realization lands, we might feel, in our smallness, isolated from everyone and everything else.

The best way I know to regain a sense of connection to the rest of the world is to connect with the rawest of our emotions, get to know them, and share them with the ones we love. Brene Brown talks about the importance of embracing that vulnerability here (and, at greater length, in her books).

Even though I’m privileged with a cozy, safe-feeling home in which to weather the storm, I feel a little scared today.

You might too.

And that’s okay. 

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