what would cher do?

Sometimes, during a coaching session, I’ll ask a question that the client just can’t answer. Not right then, at least. S/he’s stuck in the gunk of unhelpful beliefs and discouraging thoughts, and what s/he needs is an uplifting jolt of positive paradigm shift.

I have many tricks up my sleeve reserved for such occasions as these.

One is asking the following: “Who do you know who would handle this situation like a complete and total badass?”

Generally, my clients answers lickety-split; not a moment to lose.

For the purpose of demonstration, let us call our hypothetical badass Cher. (After all, this name has a pretty electrically outspoken track record.)

Also for the purposes of demonstration, think of a dilemma, large or small, that’s currently troubling you.

Got it?

Now answer the following, as Cher (or your own big-haired alter ego):
  1. What’s your opinion on this li’l dilemma?
  2. What’s the very next step?
  3. Whose opinion matters here?
  4. Whose opinion can shove it?
  5. What can you do to represent your very best, most bodacious self in this situation?
  6. What extra-special treat can you give yourself today, as a gift for having interacted with this hard thing?
Now make yourself an eye-catching little talisman to tie around your wrist, tattoo to your palm, or stick to your corkboard. It might say something like this:

What would Cher do?

Refer to it as needed, and find out what happens when your most badass self is in the driver’s seat.

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