fun friday! insurance, cozy causeries, and meditation!

This is what it looked like outside our window on Wednesday. Because it’s entirely normal to have a blizzard a week after a hurricane, right?
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Anyway. It’s time! For Frivolous Fridays. FUN Fridays. And any other word starting with F that you can possibly think of – Fridays.
Because fun sometimes takes a little practice to get into, and what better day to practice than a Friday?

 . . .
This is a video of Allen Stone performing Sleep at the Gorge in my home state (Washington, where you can now get gay married; WHOO!)

Something I think about a lot is how self-care, spiritual practice, and social justice can intersect and strengthen one another. For that reason, I was immensely grateful to read this article.

There was a great article in the most recent issue of GQ, written by a woman who quite possibly narrowly escaped a truck stop serial killer. That woman is Vanessa Veselka, and this interview with her is super-smart and thought-provoking.

Abby Kerr has become The Voice Bureau, and she has a gorgeous new website to boot. I’m so impressed with the work she’s putting out these days.

I just found out that Josiane holds Cozy Causeries for shivanauts and the shiva-curious every once in a while (the fifth Wednesday on months that have five Wednesdays, if we’re being exact). How fun!
Michelle wrote about how important insurance is, and I couldn’t agree more (especially for anybody in any socially-marginalized group, but also for every single other person ever, too).

Anybody who meditates will probably agree that whatever brings you to meditation is different than what keeps you coming back. But it’s very confusing and hard to describe. Eric talks about it here.
Margaret Cho on why calling yourself a feminist is more important now than ever.
I have recently become aware of Shanna Mann, a.k.a. Change Catalyst. She has so many smart things to say to service providers, I can’t pick just one. Go read her whole entire blog, k?
Maryann shared some wonderful insights she’s had in preparation for tomorrow’s Day of Nothing. Yay for Nothing!
I LOVE what Anna wrote in xoJane. She inspires me endlessly (endlessly!).
I think Ariel might have the most wonderful style I’ve ever seen. (I’d like her to dress me, please.) I would also like her hairdo, for which she has a great tutorial.
Have I already shared this clip with you guys? I don’t know. Even if I did, I think it bears repeating. Enjoy.

P.S. The song is by The Civil Wars.
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