Reflections on a day of nothing

After two people had signed up for A Day of Nothing, I could only think one thing: “What. On Earth. Have I done?”

I’d gotten through what I thought was the hard part: the creation of the Day, the writing of the accompanying guidebook, even the logistics of how to put it up for sale and deliver the whole thing.
Now I had to do what was actually the hard part (for me): leading the first teleclass I’d ever led, and hoping against hope that the participants got just exactly what they needed from the whole experience.

Well, sound the bells, people, because I did it! I may have done a little jig after the first call wrapped up, I was so darn proud of myself for guiding folks into the Day in a way that felt intentional and supportive.

All my greatest hopes for what A Day of Nothing could be were blown out of the water this Saturday, and I’m so grateful for that. 

It turns out that, yes! Other people really do need this as much as I do! And yes! Other people really did feel their minds expanding with boundless possibilities after taking this day to rest and putter and do whatever the heck they wanted! And yes! It was an intimate, cozy, super-supportive, deeply compassionate atmosphere!

In short: A Day of Nothing was awesome, and we are so totally doing it again. For serious. So. Totally. Doing it again. It is on.

The next Day of Nothing will be happening on January 19th, so set aside that day, plus the morning of the 20th, if you’d like to join us. I’m making changes based on the wonderful feedback I’m getting from this weekend’s lovely participants, and once those are done, I’ll open up registration.

Doing a new thing opens up infinite possibilities.

This is the lesson that’s reverberating through me after the inaugural Day of Nothing. The moment the Day had concluded, a flood of ideas filled my mind. Now that I had proof that I could lead a teleclass, what more might be possible? Could I speak to people, live, in real life? Could I hold other online teleclasses? Could I offer A Day of Nothing again so that even more people could experience its fabulousness?

Yes. The answer to all of those questions was yes. And also: why not? And also: even more possibilities that I haven’t even conceived of yet. Yes.

That’s what I heard from the participants, too. I heard possibility ringing out from each of them, pondering:

  • What if I could I incorporate non-doing into my daily life?
  • What if I were allowed to listen to music, or read, just for fun?
  • What if I were in charge of my schedule, instead of my inbox being in charge?
  • What if I didn’t always have to schedule every moment of every day?
  • What if I could set and maintain boundaries that work for me?
  • What if I only worked on weekdays, and weekends were my own?
  • What if I could do something that has no purpose other than sheer enjoyment in the moment?

And you know what’s cool? These questions don’t really need answers. In fact, I think I like them better without answers. A Day of Nothing is about opening up space, about asking the questions. And maybe, just maybe, learning to live the sort of life where curiosity is just as valuable as knowing for sure.

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