let’s talk about fear

Fear is a humongous, giant, important part of any sort of life coaching. At least I believe it is. Fear invariably shows up in the course of coaching — any coaching, with anyone. It’s the natural response to engaging in new patterns and trying new experiences, both of which happen a lot when someone’s being coached.

Even though fear is a completely essential part of coaching (and, of course, of learning to like yourself), I haven’t addressed it a whole lot here. But that’s about to change.

I’m very lucky to be a part of the winter tribe at Roots of She, where I’ll be exploring (and having fun with!) fear for the next few months. I’d love for you to join me and begin to learn about your own relationship to fear. If that sounds scary to you, I understand. Fear can be scary. But the scarier it sounds, the more that consciously (and gently — always gently) engaging with it will transform your life.

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