comparison’s a thing. but it doesn’t have to get you down.

There is one issue that comes up nearly 100% of the time when I’m working with clients around self-esteem and self-acceptance.

That issue? Comparison.
We human beings are astonishingly adept at comparing ourselves to others. Give us any topic, at all, and we can find a way to make it into a metric against which to measure ourselves and others.
This phenomenon might be entertaining, if it weren’t so darn maddening, self-defeating, and depressing.
One of the many results of our insatiable drive to compare is that we can get sucked into what other people are doing and forget to live our own lives. Or even worse, use the accomplishments of others as a reason to never, ever do any of the things we want to do.
So even though comparison is a useful skill to have (objectively), we use it against ourselves in really hurtful ways.

Because of all this, I made The Comparison Cure.
It’s a comprehensive, gentle ebook that will help you get familiar with your own particular comparison tendencies, and then gently detach from them so you can live your life (finally, thank the heavens, hallelujah).
It’ll also teach you how to use your comparison patterns to actually make your life better, funner (not a word but I don’t care), and more sparkly.
Really. Truly.
The Comparison Cure is available now, and it’s $15. If comparison is something you struggle with, I highly recommend it. And if you know someone else who’s needing this, please pass it along to them, or gift them with it.

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