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I’m an enormously huge fan of coaching. Clearly, because why else would I have become a coach? I’m also a giant fan of therapy. (Oh therapy, how I love thee.)

I would never have made friends with myself to the extent that I have if it weren’t for coaching and therapy. I don’t know where I’d be without them, but I wouldn’t be here.

In our society, those are the usual places we go when we want answers: therapy or coaching. Or books. (Or denial. But I think we can all agree that’s a less-than-helpful destination.)

But there’s another place to go, somewhere we don’t reference nearly as often.

This place is the real source of insight. This place is a direct line between where you are and where you want to be. Therapy and coaching are invaluable translation services for the insights you’ll find here.

But sometimes, the answers here can be accessed without outside help. Just you.

This place, this fountain of insight, is, of course, within you.

There is so much smartness inside your brain and body. It’s hard to realize that, however, unless you go within.

There are many ways to plumb your own depths for the insight you’re seeking. Meditation. Yoga. Dreams. Daydreams.

The written word is a powerful one to start with. When we’re thinking, thoughts move so rapidly that we can talk ourselves out of insights before they have a chance to land. But when we write? When we write, the truth can spill out before we have the chance to stopper it up.

When diving for internal insights, one of the best tools you can have is a good question. A good question will unleash the truths you hoped to, but never thought you would, find.

Below are 26 questions to ask yourself when you want a good, solid dose of pure insight.

Get yourself a pen and paper. And start scribbling.

How do I feel, physically, when I think about this situation?

What would {person you admire most} say to do here?

If there’s a lesson I’m supposed to learn here, what is it? (Only ask this if it doesn’t make you want to throw up.)

What lies am I telling myself about this?

What don’t I want to see?

What does this situation remind me of?

What does my wisest self have to say on this subject?

What needs to be said?

What sucks about this? (Full permission to complain.)

What advice would my five-year-old self give me right now?

What advice would my ninety-year-old self give me right now?

What beliefs am I letting go unquestioned?

What am I bursting at the seams to say?

What am I overlooking?

If this issue was a physical object, what would it be? What would its texture be like? Its size? Its shape? Its energy?

What’s the most outrageous way for this to unfold?

If I were telling this situation back to myself as a story, how would that story go?

If I decided to go off the beaten path here, what would that look like?


Why not?

How could I break my internal rules right now?

How could I break external rules right now?

What am I yearning for?

What object near me draws my attention? And what does it have to tell me about this issue?

If I had a genie to grant me one wish, what would I wish for here?

What am I thinking is wrong that’s actually totally right?

With this list, I wish you insights galore. And the experience of discovering your own shimmering genius.

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