things i know about self-esteem

It’s fluid.

It’s available to everyone, whether they have the vocabulary to talk about it or not.

What it looks like for you can change over time.

Even when it seems very far away, it’s within you.

There are certain situations that make it easier to access. Like fertilizer, they nurture hearty self-esteem.

Even people who don’t grow up in those fertilized situations can develop it.

It can survive very, very traumatic events.

For some people it’s easy. For some, it’s hard. For some, it’s easy until one day when it’s hard. For some, it’s hard until one day it’s easy.

It doesn’t have to take a long time to develop. It can be adopted in a moment, or with a gesture.

It doesn’t put you higher than anyone, or lower than anyone. There’s no hierarchy of self-esteem.

There are many pieces to its puzzle. The puzzle is always complete, and the puzzle is also never complete.

It varies in quality, strength, texture, intensity, temperature. Getting to know these variations can be useful.

It can be approached and augmented from an infinite number of angles, with an infinite number of tools.

Every moment is an opportunity to develop it, if you want it to be.

Doing things you like helps it to flourish, but this is sometimes hard to remember.

If it feels bad, it’s not self-esteem. It’s something else.

Self-care is one of the best ways to nourish it.

It influences the way you do everything, and how you think, and what you believe.

Outside sources can lead you closer to it.

But eventually, you always find out that it originates within, and it emanates from within.

It is unending. It is infinite.

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