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I wake up, and it’s dark outside. It’s quiet except for maybe a car starting or a crow squawking.
I no longer wake up to the muffled yells of our apartment neighbors, scrambling to get ready for work and school.

I wonder what they’re doing right now. Whether they still yell the same amount, or less.
Sometimes I miss the hubbub.

Here, the air is wetter.

My hair has grown out quite a bit, and it curls in the damp air. I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet, mostly because every couple weeks, it calls for something else.
Different products, a different process. A new curl where there wasn’t one yesterday.

It’s dark, dreary, and damp. My favorite sort of weather.

Every time I take a walk, I pause to look at the mountains, and the foggy clouds seeping down to embrace them. No matter how many times I stop walking, pause to look and listen, that view never fails to startle me into reverence for this place and this moment.

A year ago, I had no idea that I’d be here now. I wouldn’t have believed it if you’d told me.
This isn’t a place I need to “cope with.” I’m not managing my interactions to prevent overstimulation, the way I was in New York.
There are no weekend train schedules to dread. Instead, I can hop in the car to drive to the store, literally moments away.

I can buy a twelve-pack of toilet paper and store it under the bathroom sink. (It’s the little things.)

This is all new and different and, even after several months, sometimes surprising.

People ask, “When did you move to Seattle?”
I find myself waffling when I respond, “March.”
Because I feel like I don’t know how to fully be in this place, not yet.
Even though this is a good, good place for my soul to be.

Who am I here?
What do I want?

What do I need?
What do I yearn for?

Who am I, a week, a month, a year after the last time I checked?

Who am I now?

I’m going to be exploring this question, and the multitude of others it contains, from January 5th to 18th.

We’ll be going deep, getting curious, letting go and returning to ourselves. All through daily emails containing prompts for inquiry and action, plus a private Facebook group to support each other and evolve in community.
Who am I now?
Who are you?

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